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I have been doing taxes for the past 20+ years at reasonable rates. Providing quick, fast and reliable service. Call Tim TODAY at 226-526-6444 (Office)

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When can I start to file? CRA opens EFile service normally Start around the 3 week of February.

Customer Question #2

I sold my house in 2018, am I required to notify CRA on my tax return? The answer is yes. You are not required to pay capital gains if it was your primary home.

Customer Question #3

How can I contact the CRA? You can call toll free at 1-800-959-8281 Remember to have your return with you as they will ask for amount normally on line 15000.

Personal and business taxes Done At Reasonable Rates


Call Tim TODAY at 226-526-6444 (Office)


$45 plus HST ($50.85)

Senior 65+

$40 plus HST ($45.20)

Rental Income

$75 plus HST
This is an extra on top of your Personal Tax return

Sole Proprietorship Business Tax

$75 plus HST
This is an extra on top of your Personal Tax return

USA/Canada Cross Border FBARS Basic


USA/Canada Cross Border Basic Returns


Personal and business Income Taxes Done At Reasonable Rates personal taxes in

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